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SafetyCrete Dairy Shed Repair Mortar

About GemCo

GemCo is a New Zealand owned company set up by Tim Elder an industrial chemist with over 25 years experience in the formulation and manufacture of epoxy based coatings and related products.for both New Zealand and export markets. which include Australia, South America, and Asia...

GemCo makes a range of speciality epoxies and associated products including: coatings, toppings, adhesives, resins, putties , anti-fouling, paint removers, adhesive removers, graffiti products, speciality cleaners and other products.

The GemCo range is environmentally and user friendly. Products are sold under the trade names Gemcoat (coatings), Gemrez (resins), Gemstick (adhesives), Gemstop (putties) , Gemstrip (paint & graffiti removers), Gembond (sealants), Gemprep (cleaner)

GemCo Products

Wherever possible products are formulated solvent free, water based, or where solvents are required the lowest toxicity products suitable have been used.

Areas of Use

Dairy companies, pulp & paper plants, hospitals, food factories, pack houses, butcheries, freezing works, garages, workshops, schools, timber plants, amenities blocks, chemical plants , crafts, hobbies , wood turners etc.


“For several years we have used GemCo chemical & abrasion resistant floor topping around the plant to repair and protect the concrete floor with excellent results. We have also used GemCo epoxy floor sealer & coating with fibreglass reinforcing in the Ice Tower to repair and protect the wooden floor. The floor sealer & coating have also been used on our fish shop floor. The GemCo floor topping system in particular has been very successful and I would highly recommend it to other users with similar environments to ours.Peter Martin , Plant Engineer , Sanford Sustainable Seafood”

“We have been using GEMREZ epoxy resin solely for the past 8 years mainly for surfboard manufacture but also for gluing & laminating of bar tops etc. I have built surfboards for 30 years and used a variety of resins over that time.This resin has given the best results of any resin I have used and in my opinion is equivalent or better than polyester in terms of its resistance to yellowing over time. I recommend this resin highly based on my years of experience in manufacture of surfboards and consider it to be the best resin on the market today for surfboard manufacture.Paul Shanks, Paul Shanks Surfboards, ”

“Ballance Agri-Nutrients Ltd as a manufacturer of agricultural fertilisers has a number of manufacturing processes involving exposure to strong acids, abrasion, and temperature.The consequence of this is the degradation of equipment particularly metallic items.For the last three years we have used GemCo chemical resistant products around the plant to repair and protect metallic items in these environments with excellent results.Edwin Samson, Mechanical Engineer, Ballance Agri-Nutrients Ltdi”