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SafetyCrete Dairy Shed Repair Mortar

Flexible Chemical Resistant Coating - 2 Litres

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Flexible Chemical Resistant Coating - 2 Litres

Composition and Properties

  • 4.196 GEMCOAT ME2 is a flexible, single pack, solvent based coating which can be applied over concrete, fiberglass, steel, and some painted surfaces to protect them from chemical attack by acids & alkalis in areas such as bunds.
  • It can be applied direct to substrate or applied over selected GemCo chemical resistant coatings – consult GemCo.
  • Up to four coats are typically applied.

Physical properties

  • Appearance: grey coating
  • Odour: solvent
  • Flammability: flammable
  • Coverage: 10 sq m/litre (typical – will vary with substrate)
  • Recoat @ 20 ° C 4 hours minimum , 7 days maximum
  • Elongation % 300% typical

Surface Preparation

  • Surfaces to be coated must be well abraded, clean, and dry before application.

Method of Application

  • GEMCOAT ME2 is applied unthinned.by brush, roller, or spray.
  • Up to five coats are typically applied.
  • Apply a test patch over previously painted surfaces.

Handling Precautions

  • Avoid inhalation & skin contact.
  • Wear protective clothing, eye protection, and a respirator.
  • Keep away from ignition sources such as sparks or flame
  • Keep away from children.