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Vinyl sign lubricant
20 Litres

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Vinyl sign lubricant, 20 Litres

GEMSTRIP V is a low toxicity environmentally friendly lubricant for vinyl sign material. It is formulated to allow positioning of adhesive backed vinyl used in sign manufacture. It is low toxicity.

Download 6.101 GEMSTRIP V Product Sheet

Physical properties

  • Appearance: clear liquid
  • Odour: low
  • Flammability: flammable

Method of Application

  • GEMSTRIP V should be applied by brush or roller to the a clean substrate on to which the sign is to be glued.
  • The adhesive backing is then removed from the vinyl used to make the sign and it placed on the surface treated with GEMSTRIP V as soon as possible.
  • The sign material can then be moved around the surface until in the correct position.
  • Typically there are up to 30 minutes to do this but time will vary depending on ambient temperature and humidity.

Handling Precautions

  • Avoid contact with eyes and skin.
  • Do not ingest.
  • In confined spaces or poorly ventilated areas use a respiratory mask with an organic vapour cartridge.
  • GEMSTRIP V is flammable so avoid sparks ,flame, heat.