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Eban 4000 Coating Thickness Meter


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Eban 4000 Coating Thickness Meter

The Eban 4000 is one of the most advanced coating thickness meters on the market. This small, portable instrument utilises the latest technology and provides all necessary functions for ensuring the right coating application. The Eban 4000 accurately measures the thickness of paint and coatings on metal surfaces. It uses magnetic induction principles for optimal coating thickness.

Ferrous models measure all non-ferromagnetic coatings on steel and iron. Non-Ferrous models will measure all non-conductive, non-ferromagnetic coatings on conductive Non-Ferrous surfaces. All models are supplied in an foam filled case with flexible lead measuring probes, set of 8 calibration foils and zero disks.

The back-lit LCD display provides access to the following functions:

Calibrate on any profile or shape of surface using the Calibration Foils supplied.

Calibration Memories
Your calibration settings are stored and recalled when required.

Displays Minimum/Maximum, Mean, Number of Readings, Variation Coefficient and Standard Deviation.

High Low Limits
Audible and visual alarm to indicate fail or Pass when within limit.

Metric and Imperial Options
Choose the unit of measurement you require or switch between.

Complies with International Standards
Ferrous Models: ISO 2178, ISO 2808-6Aa, BS 5411-11, BS 3900-C5-6Aa, BS EN ISO 1461, ASTM B 499, DIN 5098 and prEN ISO 19840.

Non-Ferrous Models: ISO 2360, ISO 2808-6Ba, BS 5411-3, BS 3900-C5-6Ba, BS 5599, ASTM D 1400, ASTM B 244 and DIN 50984.

Ferrous and Non Ferrous Models: ASTM E 376 and all the Standards listed above.

Calibration Certificates with traceability to UKAS are an optional extra. The Certificates are supplied in a paper format and are available on the manufacturers website through the Calibration Portal. The Calibration Portal will list all your equipment that is calibrated by Paint Test Equipment, showing the renewal dates and allowing Calibration Certificates to be viewed at any time.

GemCo Limited is the sole New Zealand distributor for equipment from Paint Test Equipment U.K. for measuring Gloss, Porosity, Adhesion, Wet Film Thickness, Dry Film Thickness, Surface Roughness, Temperature, Humidity, Surface Cleanliness, Electrostatic Voltage, Inspectors Accessories

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