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GemCo epoxy putties are solvent free, with simple mix ratios, fast cure, good water & chemical resistance, and do not shrink.Some products also demonstrate low temperature cure, and are tolerant of damp and poorly prepared surfaces.

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Chemical and Abrasion Resistant Putty, 500 ml Kit
4.167 GEMCOAT CR 1:1 HV
GEMCOAT CR 1:1 HV is a chemical & abrasion resistant putty. It is formulated as a chemical & abrasion resistant lining for pumps, and can be machined before full cure. It can be used in man..
Ex Tax: $75.00
Epoxy putty - fast cure (Patent Pending)
GEMSTOP FC II is a solvent free 2 part fast set putty. It is formulated for stopping and filling wood , metal, concrete, fibreglass and similar substrates. It is normally tack free in 1 mm film thi..
Ex Tax: $42.00
Water based putty for plywood and similar applications
GEMSTOP WB is a fast dry highly filled water based putty with minimal shrinkage. It is formulated for stopping laminated beams, mouldings , and similar applications. It is available in harder versi..
Ex Tax: $52.50
Epoxy putty - medium fast cure
GEMSTOP FC1 is a 2 part ,medium fast cure, knife or trowel, epoxy putty. It is formulated for stopping plywood and similar applications. It has medium fast cure and can be sanded in 3-4 hours at 20..
Ex Tax: $23.10