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Water based putty for plywood and similar applications

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Water based putty for plywood and similar applications

GEMSTOP WB is a fast dry highly filled water based putty with minimal shrinkage. It is formulated for stopping laminated beams, mouldings , and similar applications. It is available in harder version for plywood - GEMSTOP WB-P. GEMSTOP WB can be tinted to selected colours – consult with Gem Co Ltd.

Download 7.120 GEMSTOP WB Product Sheet

Physical properties

  • Appearance: White paste (unless tinted)
  • Coating Type: Water based
  • Packaging: 2 & 20 litre pails
  • Coverage: 1/3 metre/litre @ 3mm DFT(theoretical - depends on substrate)
  • Dry time: Typically 3 hours - will vary according to temperature & humidity
  • Clean up: Water
  • Packaging: 2L & 20L pails

Surface Preparation

  • Loose material must be removed e.g. sawdust .
  • All oil, grease , and other contaminants must be removed .
  • Method of Application
  • GEMSTOP WB is applied by putty knife or trowel.
  • Dry time is normally 3 hours but will vary depending on temperature & humidity and depth of putty applied. GEMSTOP WB can be over coated with most adhesives, or coatings providing it is sanded.
  • It is not recommended to apply at a depth greater than 3mm.
  • For depths greater than this apply multiple coats allowing to dry between coats.

Handling Precautions

  • Avoid contact with eyes and skin.
  • Do not ingest. Use a dust mask .
  • Do not breathe sanding dusts.
  • Use with adequate ventilation.
  • Store in a manner to avoid freezing, and high temperatures.
2 Litre Kit