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SafetyCrete Dairy Shed Repair Mortar

Epoxy resin with chemical resistance
2 Litres

4.155 GEMREZ CR 1:1
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Epoxy resin with chemical resistance, 2 Litres

GEMREZ CR 1:1 is a two part , solvent free, chemical resistant epoxy resin. It is formulated for use as a chemical resistant lining , and as a primer under GEMCOAT CR 1:1 chemical & abrasion resistant coating, and GEMCOAT CRT chemical & abrasion resistant topping. It can be reinforced with binder free fibreglass. It can be used for lining for concrete, steel, and fibreglass tanks, pumps, and secondary containment (bunds) exposed to chemical immersion and splash & spillage. It is formulated to have resistance to most concentrated acids & alkalais, and other commonly used chemicals such as solvents etc. – consult with GemCo for suitability for use. Two coats of GEMCOAT CR in are recommended over the top of GEMREZ CR 1:1 chemical resistant epoxy resin when reinforced with fibreglass, or when lining a pump subject to abrasion.

Download 4.155 GEMREZ CR 1:1 Product Sheet

Physical properties

  • Appearance: Base – clear resin Hardener – clear resin
  • Odour: low odour Solids: 100 %
  • Coating Type: Epoxy
  • Packaging: 2, 8 litre , two part pack
  • Mix ratio: 1 part base :1 part hardener
  • Pot Life: 1/2 hour approximately at 20 degrees Celsius (100g mix)
  • Coverage: 5 sq metres/litre @ 200 microns DFT(theoretical - depends on substrate)
  • Dry hard Overnight to tack free; 7 days full cure before putting in service

Surface Preparation

  • All oil, grease , and other contaminants must be removed (GEMPREP 2000 is recommended).
  • Concrete: Must be minimum of 4 weeks old. Acid etch with 5% Hydrochloric acid, wash clean with water and allow to dry OR physically remove laitence by suitable means e.g. grinding, sweep blasting etc.
  • On previously painted concrete physically remove coating by suitable means e.g. grinding, sweep blasting etc.
  • Steel : Blast with a suitable abrasive to near white metal (SSPC 10/SA 2.5 standard).
  • If this is not possible remove loose material by mechanical cleaning or high pressure water blast until only tight rust is left.
  • Fibreglass: Abrade surface to give a good key.
  • All surfaces must be free of dust or other contaminants before applying GEMREZ CR 1:1

Method of Application

  • Add 1 part hardner to 1 part base and thoroughly mix - a drill with a mixing blade is required.
  • In cold weather warming base & hardener in hot water will make mixing easier.
  • GEMREZ CR 1:1 is applied by brush , or roller in one coat - rolling is preferred method of application.
  • Re-coat with GEMREZ CR1:1, GEMCOAT CR 1:1, or GEMCOAT CRT within 24 hours.
  • Allow system to cure 24 hours .If possible cure for a further 16 hours @ 50° C .
  • Allow 2 days minimum before putting into service – 7days is preferred.

Handling Precautions

  • Avoid contact with eyes and skin.
  • Do not ingest.
  • Use with adequate ventilation.
  • Protective clothing ,eye protection, and gloves should be worn.
  • Do not breathe vapour or spray.
  • Keep away from children.


The information provided is accurate to the best of our knowledge. We can not however anticipate all conditions under which this information and our products may be used. We therefore accept no responsibility for results obtained by the application of our products, or  for their safe use  and suitability. GemCo Limited sells these products without warranty and buyers  and users assume  all  responsibility and liability for loss or damage arising from the handling  and use of our products.