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SafetyCrete Dairy Shed Repair Mortar


GemCo epoxy toppings are solvent free, demonstrate low temperature cure, and are tolerant of damp and poorly prepared surfaces.They have simple mix ratios, meet regulatory requirements, are chemical & abrasion resistant, and do not shrink.

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Epoxy floor topping - trowel applied and self leveling, 10 Litre Kit
GEMCOAT EFT- SL is a self-leveling epoxy floor topping. It is poured on then spread by trowel and allowed to level. It is capable of handling most floor traffic and is resistant to most a..
Ex Tax: $220.00
Epoxy floor topping - trowel applied, 10 Litre Kit
GEMCOAT EFT is a solvent free, aggregate filled, low slip, three part epoxy floor topping. It us suitable for application over GEMCOAT EFS epoxy sealer by trowel. It is formulated to give a hard , ..
Ex Tax: $150.00
Chemical and abrasion resistant topping - trowel applied, 10 Litre Kit
GEMCOAT CRT is a three part , solvent free epoxy topping. It is formulated as a chemical & abrasion resistant lining for concrete, steel, and fiberglass substrates such as floors & and seco..
Ex Tax: $400.00